Sunday, March 31, 2013


Hello everyone,

So as you probably know Holi is one of the biggest Indian festivals. (There are more important ones, but everyone knows Holi). It is the festival of the colors. Now the thing is that there is a huge waater shortage in Maharashtra (the district where I live) and so we, MUWCI-people, wanted to do a dry Holi instead. Usually they throw colored powder and water, but we wanted to just throw colors without water. Now a lot of students said that this would still be a waste of water as we shower much longer to get all the color of our body. That's why we decided to NOT have Holi. I know this might sound sad as it is an experience you have to have in India, but the second years had it last years and the first years, so me, will have it next year. We figured it would be a nice thing to do towards people who don't have the luxury to have enough water as we do. What we will have though is a bonfire where we have coffee, chai, cookies,... and tell stories. This will happen on tuesday, so we will still spend a nice time together. 
So no pictures of Indian Holi this year.. 
Yesterday my sister celebrated her birthday at home so I skyped with my family for a short time. It was nice to see everyone and this way it kind of felt like I was there anyway (: 


Friday, March 29, 2013

Answer on the question and pictures Valentine Soirree

Hello everyone,

Here I am again! (: So someone asked me about sports in MUWCI. Well, I have to admit that I am not a sportive person at all and that I don't like sports, but I have good news for you: we have a lot of sport-triveni's! There is footbal, basketbal, swimming, waterpolo, fitness, all kinds of dances,... Also you can go to the gym whenever you want and you can also create your own triveni if you would like to start a new sport. That's the thing about MUWCI: you can do whatever you want, if you are willing to take initiative! (: 
Also you can go jog whenever you want. After checkin you are not allowed to leave campus though, but campus is big enough to get you tired... I think that MUWCI is a good place for both sportive and non-sportive people. So don't worry about that. 
Next I will post some pictures of Valentine Soirree. It was a nice day, there was a couple game where couples (this were mostly friends, not real couples) did all kind of games :D It was a nice evening... 
I think everyone enjoyed it because there was no pressure of coming with your boyfriend or so on (like valentine's day has a tendency to do..)

Me and Aishwarya

Aishwarya, Sonia, me and Bianca

Sonia, me and Aishwarya

Housepicture: Aishwarya, Ranna, Eeshta, me, Sonia and Minjoo

Sonia, Aishwarya and me

Aishwarya, Chi and me

Aishwarya, Chi, Fiyin and me

Me, Asihwarya and Bianca
 There you go, I hope you liked it (: 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm so sorry

Hey everyone,

Here I am again... finally!
I'm SOOOOOOOO sorry it took me this long, I do realize that a lot of people read this and that a lot of people see this as one of the only ways to keep contact with me and to know what is going on with my life (if Im still alive and so on). So to assure you all: Im still alive!!! (:
The thing is that I've been procrastinating so much as I know there is a lot I have to talk about and I don't have a lot of free time...
So what I've desided to do is; I'll post some pictures of Gokarna. (I wont tell too
because otherwise this post will be too long, and anyway it was basically a beach-holiday with a lot of fun so there is not that much to talk about), some pictures of exeat (I know you expect stories and everything, but I can tell them later and maybe in some of my next posts I will tell them, dont worry: the pictures show how much fun we had) and that will basically be it. I will try to be more regular from now on in writing my posts so that this doesn't happen again (;
Today I had my MOCKS (which are trial exams) for Selftaught so that is one of the reasons I didnt post on my blog. 9th of april I have my orals and then somewhere end of april I have my paper 1 and 2 and then Im DONE with selftaught (; So at the moment I have a lot of work with selftaught. I have to admit though that I like to procrastinate by doing things as writing my blog (like now) and so I will try to do this more often (;
When I spoke to my parents today I told them that several people commented on my blog to ask for more posts and they also said I had to start writing it again so that kind of stimulated me to start again (:
So I hope you will enjoy the pictures and I will try to write a lot from now on (I figured that many small posts with funny stories might be more fun then big ones like this with just a lot of pictures..)


Gokarna with Melisa (Turkey), Shanina (The Netherlands), Thulani (South-Africa)

Me and Thulani

Melisa and me

Exeat in Agra, Jaipur and New Delhi with Sonia (Poland), Himaansu (Mauritius), Elias (Finland) and Daniyal (Bangladesh)
Elias, Himaansu and me

Me, Sonia, Daniyal, Himaansu and Elias

Elias, me, Himaansu, Sonia and Daniyal

Me, Himaansu, Sonia and Elias

Sonia and me

Me, Sonia and Himaansu

Me, Himaansu, Elias, Sonia and Daniyal

Elias, me, Sonia and Himaansu

Elias, Himaansu, Daniyal, me and Sonia

Elias, me, Sonia, Daniyal and Himaansu
Elias, Sonia, Himaansu, me and Daniyal

Elias, Sonia, Himaansu, me and Daniyal
me, Elias, Daniyal, Himaansu and Sonia
I had a lot of trouble putting up these pictures (it took me more than 1 hour), so I will post the pictures of Valentine soirree later (I hope tomorrow, but I can't promise). 
I hope you kind of enjoyed the pictures! (: