Friday, August 16, 2013

Answer on Question (;

Hey Jay,

I suppose you are one of our new firstyears? If so, WELCOME!! :D If not, nice your so interested.
Students can indeed brings posters, curtains,... to decorate their room. You can even paint your room (you will have to pay a little but though so the school can paint it back white afterwards). It is actually really nice to decorate your room as it becomes your home for one year. So make it as cosy as possible! (:
Hope this answers your question!

I also have really good news: This year there will be even more diversity. We managed to get pakistani, australian, sudhani,... students.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Let the second year begin!

Hello everyone,

This post won't be very long. I just wanted to tell everyone that I arrived safely at MUWCI. My second year officialy began! Now we will have 1.5 week without firstyears and then then will also arrive. So when I went back to Belgium one of the questions I hear a lot is "which kind of animals did you see?" So I have to be honest: I didn't see much animals yet actually. I saw one little snake, a lot of small spiders (that you also find in Belgium), one big spider and dogs and cats :D Oh, and frogs ofcourse and other insects. So to be honest nothing to really freak out about (;
But - Im gonna tell this, but firstyears please don't get scared, I never saw them :D- today in ESS (Environmental systems and societies) Ryan told us which kind of insects and other animals we could find on campus and I was sooooo suprised. So many big spiders, insects and stuff. I'll post some pictures of the snakes he said were on campus. (Again firstyears dont worry cause you have to look for them to find them..)
Indian Krait


Russell's viper

Saw-scaled viper

That will be it for today, I'm unpacking and getting used to the MUWCI life again (without hot showers).
To the future firstyears: We're looking forward to meet you,
Bye everyone