Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Update... Finally

Hey everyone,

I am so sorry I did not write for this long... Basically, the EE, TOK, SAT, college apps, IA's,... deadlines were too much to combine with my blog. However, I hope you checked out my firstyear's (Louise) blog. It is really good and I think she kept it going while I was dieing of work (;
So we just had Project Week. I was planning on going to Sangama (a NGO for sexual minorities), but due to the work overload I decided to stay on campus. This gave me the opportunity to finish most of my work and get some rest. I have new energy now and I'm ready to face the next assignments. We did do a little bit of project: restoring the community centre in one of the nearby villages. Here are some of the pictures (Credits to Eunhee-Korea)
Oh and I noticed that in most of the pictures of this blogpost im wearing the pink shirt, that cause I wear the same one every time I have to do work that will get my clothes dirty to no ruin my other clothes :D So dont worry, I do change (;
Stanzin(Ladakh) in the front, Eunhee (Korea) on the left and me

Sisi (China) in the background and I

Neel (Delhi), Beryl (Kenia) and I

Eunhee (Korea), Beryl (Kenia) and I
So, euhm, last time was beginning of September if I remember well, so during that time a lot happened. The highlights were probably Ganesh, first and second year show and Satat. So I will just tell you about some of that (: I will try to keep my blog more regular from now on to keep you informed of more things happening on campus. I can't promise because I realize I say this every time :D So yeah..
So Ganesh was celebrated here on September 13. As some of you might remember of last year it is the 'pink' celebration where we dance and throw pink colors at each other. (For more check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ganesh_Chaturthi). Here are some pictures and a video of Ganesh this year (pretty similar to last year :D) (pictures credits to Wardah (Pakistan!))

Shruti (Delhi and my housemate) and I

I, Stanzin (ladakh) and Aishwarya (Bangalore)


Shruti (Delhi) and I

Me, Lud (Brazil) and Patricia (Portugal)

So the second thing was Satat. Satat is a marathi word that means always (at least that is what our principal tries to convince us of). It is the term we use now for sustainability. One weekend we had a 'satat-weekend' So we did activities for the sustainability of our school in different groups. My group went off-campus to collect the dirt people left on streets. Me and abou 5 other people formed a smaller group and we had a lot of fun picking dirt (:
Here are some pictures that show that it was very nice (:
Lin (Vietnam), Ana (Mexico), Fiyin (Nigeria), Shabab (Bangladesh), Shruti (Delhi) and Me

Fiyin (Nigeria) and me

Shabab (Bangladesh), Ana (Mexico), Shruti (Delhi), Me, Fiyin (Nigeria), Lin (Vietnam)

Finally the first and second year show and the regional evening I don't find the pictures now, so I will try to make a new blogpost with that later.
1 to 5 November we have a free week for Diwali. I am probably going to Mumbai or Goa.
I will post back after that.
Hope this makes up for the long period without news (: