Thursday, January 23, 2014

One last time

Hi everyone,

So firstly, don't worry, this is not the last post -which my title might suggest- but it is the last term in MUWCI *sadface*. As promised yesterday is here my blog post :) 
Firstly I want to thank all people who helped us to raise funds for the weelchairs. Here is a personal thank you from Sankar and his family.
It is incredible how fast we raised all the funds needed. However, if you still want to give money, that is still possible. All the money that we get now will be used for therapy for the two boys. I think it is amazing to see that in less than 24 hours we raised enough money. This proves that it is possible to achieve something if you really want it and if all nations and people work together. I would say; an extraordinary example of the effectiveness of UWC :)
Secondly, I would like to apologize (jeez, this blog is like a massive apology about not writing :D). This term I had a lot more of free time, so it's not like work was stopping me from writing. I guess I was just not used to it anymore. So as I said, the workload is now lower than last term (that is not very hard if you would know how much work we had last term). It is not lower than last year, but because last term was so heavy this seems so free. Moreover, I decided to procrastinate less and stop participating in the complain-culture of MUWCI. What do I mean by that? Well, people here tend to complain a lot about the work they have. This, together with the endless procrastination in MUWCI, leads to the feeling that you are working all the time. I decided to not do this anymore and enjoy my free time by having fun (without laptop) and meeting people. I must say that I have been enjoying of my MUWC-experience a lot this term. It is crazy that it is already the last term and that time goes so fast. Especially now that I'm enjoying more than before I really don't want to see May coming... 
So what happened this term? Waw, so much, I will again not be able to tell you ALL the details. However, I will try to show videos and pictures which should show you my time here... 
So during winterbreak I went home for 10 days and then travelled in India with my parents. We visited Delhi, Agra, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Chittorgarh, Ajmer, Pushkar, Amritsar and MUWCI (not in this order but whatevz). It was such an amazing experience. To be honest, I liked it way more than travelling with MUWCI-people because it was a little more comfortable. Obviously, MUWCI-holidays is also different as in that it is less cultural and more 'chilling' in Goa etc. I could tell you so much about my summer, but I think if you want to know more about that, you should just ask my parents back home or me when you see me :) I will show some pictures so you can get an idea of how it was. 

 So moving on, a few days ago there was American regional evening. I forgot to tell about African regional evening last term, so here are two videos; One of African regional evening and one of American regional evening. I think it reflects the basis of the evenings :) 

Well well :) That was nice no? Next up: THEATRE SEASON!!! 
So each year in February, MUWCI has a theatre season in which several plays are performed. This year I will be directing on that will be on 13 and 14 of February. It is a lot of work and it is pretty exhausting, but in the end it is worth it (I hope ;) ). Last year I performed in Information For Foreigners, and our play was together with Proof (the faculty-play) the best play of the whole season. I am still trying to get the video for that play... Once I have it I will upload it... :) For those of you who are interested in coming (or just want to know which plays will be performed), here is the poster: Theatre Season Poster (click here)

Another big event this year was the Masquerade Ball. Because Theatre Season falls on Valentine this year, we will not have a Valentine soirrĂ©e. That is why this year, we had a Masquerade Ball instead. It was very nice. Here are some pictures. 
Me and Aishwarya (Bangalore)

Me, Aishwarya (Bangalore) and Disket (Ladakh)

Aishwarya (Bangalore), Phuntsho (Buthan) and me

Sonia (Poland), Himaansu (Mauritius) and me

Me, Neel (Delhi) and Patricia (Portugal)  

Me and Shruti (Delhi)

Sonia (Poland), Himaansu (Mauritius) and me

Alvaro (Guatemala), Sonia (Poland) and me

Me, Shruti (Delhi) and Sonia (Poland)

Wardah (Pakistan) and me

Me, Aishwarya (Bangalore) and Disket (Ladakh)
 Finally, I would like to wish the best of luck to all new applicants. I believe the process of selection will start soon. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask me, I will (try to) answer. I won't give my email because of privacy reasons, but you can find me on facebook or just react on the blog. Here is a last video that gives an idea of what a  UWC is like :) 

Waw, this was a long post! :D 
See you soon,