Wednesday, November 13, 2013

October Newsletter

As soon as I published the previous post, the October Newsletter was released :D 
So here it is:
Do read the previous post aswell (: 


Time Flies

Hi everyone,

Here I am again. Since the last post I have had Diwali break. It was a one week break in which we could travel to celebrate Diwali. I went to Goa with Pema (Tibet), Tenzin (Tibet), Thulani (South-Africa) and Aishwarya (Bangalore-India). It was a lot of fun and it gave me the opportunity to relax and detach from MUWCI a bit. I would LOVE to post the pictures, but Pema still has them, so as soon as I get them I will post them (:
Furthermore, I have some exciting news: 
TWO NEW UWC'S WILL BE OPENED. One in Germany and one in Armenia. Here is an overview of all the UWC's now. It is nice to see that the UWC-movement keeps improving and expanding.
Also, I would like to give you more resources where you can see what is happening in MUWCI. I realize I should have done this earlier, but I never really thought of it...
I would like to share with you the September Newsletter (I know, a little late :D). It is interesting and full of pictures:
For  people who use facebook, this is the official facebook page of Mahindra United World College of India which is updated very frequently.
Here is a flickr account (you don't need to be a member of flickr to be able to see the pictures) where pictures of most MUWCI events are posted:
Finally, here is a video one of my second years made with images of both his second years and our batch. I come in it a little bit.
So yeah, currently I have a little less work and I feel like the peek has passed, so Im a little more chilled. It is incredible how fast this term went by. 
In about 3 weeks I will be leaving India knowing that it is the last time in a very long time that I am leaving India knowing that I will be coming back. It is hard to imagine that already 3/4 of my MUWCI-experience is over. It is true what they say: time flies. 
I am coming back to Belgium in Winter Breack for 10 days and then my family and I are going to visit India (mostly Rajastan). This is very exciting, but also sad as I will not be home much this year. 
I hope all the pictures and newsletters etc that I gave you give you new things to discover MUWCI through and good luck to everyone that will start to apply soon!