Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wake up, wake up, sleepyhead!

Hello there everyone,

This week has been very busy (again). The theatre season starts this weekend so the rehearsals don't stop. I play in 2 plays and I feel the difference between the one of the theatre students (in which I play) and the other play I play in. Everyone is really excited and it's a wonderful time. 
I finished my selftaught essay (finally!) so now I only have to prepare my 4 oral presentations. Something funny I noticed is that in the beginning of the year I used to 'google-translate' dutch words into english all the time to express myself and while writing my Dutch essay I had to translate english words to dutch. It is stunning how fast one can forget it's language. 
Anyway, if 2 weeks ago you would have to me that I would wake up one day at 5am to go for a sport-triveni, I would never have believed you! But now today was that day.. One of my triveni's is Sunday Yoga. The teacher said that it is kind of pointless to do it only once a week so we looked for a day that worked for everyone and now we also have it on wednesdays at 6am. I feel very tired now, but I have 3 free blocks so I can rest during the day. It feels really healthy, but I'm just to much of a "not-morning-person" to do this. However, I'll try do keep doing it (: 
And don't think "what is she saying? Yoga is not a sport.." Yoga here is so different than the ones in Belgium, it is way more sportif and you really sweat. If you don't believe me, try to do this moves (in the right way otherwise it's bad for your body) in the morning before you go to school/work/...
that's it for now, I guess I'm to tired to remember everything that happened over the last few days (although because of all the work not much happens). 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Strawberries with icecream

Hey everyone!

This weekend I went to Pune on Saturday. Sonia and I went for some shopping (necessary stuf like shampoo, washing powder,...). While we were walking around we suddenly saw a stand with strawberries!!! YES, STRAWBERRIES! Sonia and I were both very excited and we bought 1 kg of strawberries. Then we went to the shopping mall and we bought icecream and we had an amazing diner! (; Strawberries in the winter is something you will only have once in a lifetime (;
(it didn't look this great though)
On 14th Jan there was a Hindoe festival. It wasn't celebrated big in MUWCI, but there were Indians who dressed up for it. I don't really know what it's about because they didn't really celebrate it or exlpain it, but basically wikipedia says: "Pongal is one of the most popular harvest festivals of southern India, mainly Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Pongal happens in the middle of January every year and marks the auspicious beginning of Uttarayan (sun's journey northwards). The Pongal festival lasts for four days. Celebrations include a drawing of Kolam, swinging & the cooking of delicious Pongal"
One of the nice things about MUWCI is that at least once a week there is some festival from a certain culture/religion. I learn a lot more from the different cultures and religions than I did in class in Belgium because it gets more personal and you can ask people for their stories and opinions (and those are sometimes so different from what we study).
School started again ofcourse, I'm working hard and I have to admit that I'm a little bit stressed with all the work and the selftaught exams and the theatre season. But thanks to my grandparents, parents and friends on MUWCI I can reassure myself that it will work. It's nice to have them to cheer me up.
Yesterday I slept over at Aishwarya's (in wada 5) and it was very nice. Although I slept on the floor (without matrass) for the first time of my life. She proposed to go because she said: "you're European, you're not used to that" so I wanted to prove that I can do it (;. I slept not bad, but I have to admit that a bed is more comfortable.
I already notice that I lose the courage to write my blog often but I'll try. I remember when I was applying everyone said that you start a blog but you never succeed to keep it for two years. So I'm actually doing a great job.
That was it for today,


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Studying at MUWCI and the Newsletter

Hey everyone, 

As promised I took some pictures of studies :D I didn't only take me, because if we think about it I wouldn't be really studying when I take a picture. 

As you see it's not really interesting to see so I won't do it often in the future. (Except for the last one where we added a nice detail). School started this monday and everything is back to normal. I don't have to much homework yet so that's ok. TOK started this week. TOK stands for Theory Of Knowledge, it is an additional thing in the IB that we have to do. Usually it lasts until next year, but they are going to do it in one term so we don't have it next year. Basically TOK is a course where we question knowledge and everything that has to do with it.We will have it during our free block. Here's a funny meme that relates to TOK.
In February-march I have my selftaught exams so now I focussing on that. In theatre classes we're working very hard to get our play ready for theatre season. I may already have mentioned it, in february there is theatre season. This is 2 weeks full of plays that the whole campus can attent. It's performed by the students and staff. I think it will be very nice. 

If I'm not wrong everyone who wanted to apply had to send their applications two days ago, so good luck to you all and maybe we'll see eachother next year (; 

We have the first newsletter also, check it out:

XOXO, Pauline

Sunday, January 6, 2013

jetlagging (;

Hey everyone,

I'm already back! :D no, now that I slept a lot (like A LOT!!!) I'm here to tell you that this term I will try to write more often! I'm not sure I will make it through though, but the least I can do is try,right? So I came back yesterday and I have to say that it was really weird to speak English again.. Now I'm almost used to it already, but the first conversations were really akward.. 

Also, I found it harder to come to MUWCI this time then last time. I mean, last term I almost didn't miss anyone but now I already miss home and everyone. Probably it's because I now know what I'm gonna miss. And now I understand what the second years meant when they said the food was bad. During the first term I didn't understand why everyone was complaining that much but now it taste worse than it did before.. I guess that he exitment covered for the bad taste (; but I'm not the only one that says so, so maybe something in the ca changed... I gave my roommates chocolate, a chocolate fondue and speculoospasta and they were so happy!! I got a traditional polish necklace and a sari. 
Although I miss everyone I still love being at MUWCI. 
Last time I didn't have a jetlag at all, but this time I guess I do.. Sonia and I can't catch sleep although it's 3 am.. (maybe the fact that I slept from 8pm til 4pm also doesn't help...)
Tomorrow classes start so I better try to sleep anyway. I would like to take a the confusion away and emphasize that at MUWCI we DO work a lot and we DO go to classes, I only don't talk about it because it's not very interesting.. But to prove it I will upload some study pictures this week.. 
I guess that was it for today.

XOXO, Pauline

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Hey everybody,
Sorry I didn’t write anything for such a long time. It was a VERY busy period before winterbreak and we had so much to do that I didn’t have time to also write my blog. So my sincere apologies. The winterbreak was from 8 December until 4 January (For me). I enjoyed it a lot and it was nice to see everyone back. So I came back to MUWCI and my new stories will follow soon (I skipped a few from before winterbreak, but that way you can find out yourself if you come (; or just ask me). I came home after a long journey and I took a long shower, I unpacked (almost) everything and I took a nap. My roommates are coming tomorrow so today I can go sleep early. Oh, Aishwarya will not be in my room anymore because she was one of the people from wada 5 so she only lived here temporarily and Pooja will come instead. I guess that’s it for today.
XOXO, Pauline