Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hi everyone,

I KNOW I haven't been writing and I PROMISE I'll do it soon, but this is an urgent ask for your help!
Wheelchairs for Arnav and Sayan is a student initiated fundraiser that helps to raise funds to support the family of our wonderful librarian, Sankar, whose twin boys suffer from cerebral palsy. We are raising enough for two wheelchairs and physiotherapy for the two boys. PLEASE SHARE WIDELY AND GIVE GENEROUSLY! We started yesterday and have already reached $3000 out of our $5000 target! Please keep sharing and giving. Any amount helps. :)
We highly appreciate your contributions and your help in furthering our cause.
On the link above is a video with more information and a place to donate. 

Thank you so much :) And a post on my MUWCI-life will follow soon 
Let's make it a deal, when our goal (5000dollars) is reached I will post :) 


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